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Multiple package shipments

Cost savings for online shopping

Logistics is a particular challenge for online stores, which have to ship each order separately.

Multicast allows you to send all your packages to Russia in one installment. We unload the parcel, handle the customs clearance and forward the parcels to Russian Post for further transportation. Your savings in transportation costs are significant!

The benefits of our multicast service:

  • Our electronic transportation ordering system where e-commerce companies can process their shipments and returns
  • Immediately get the price for your planned shipment - the price is the same for anywhere in Russia
  • Price is based on actual (not volumetric) weight
  • You get the cost savings on the Finnish side, because you can send multiple packages in one larger package.

The door to Russia

Our services are ordered through the MyELS electronic transport management system. Which can be integrated directly into your company's delivery system or accessed through our web site. The service is tailored especially for online shops. But it can also be used by other companies and individuals to send individual parcels. We are also integrating the service directly into our affiliate systems. So you can access it through Matkahuolto, Consignor. Learn more about integration tästä.

Check the list of prohibited and dangerous materials and select the appropriate package

Small packets
A small package is an affordable and convenient way to send lightweight small items that fit in your inbox or mailbox.
Weight up to 2 kg
Maximum Length 60 cm. Max sum of dimensions 90 cm = height + width + length
Priority parcel
The postal parcel is an inexpensive alternative to larger shipments. Consignments are transported using the fastest possible transport. The service includes a ceiling for loss or damage. Can be submitted as a contract customer or without registration through our websites.
Weight up to 20 kg
Maximum Length 105 cm Max sum of dimensions = length + perimeter = 200 cm

If the package weight exceeds 20 kg, but remains below 30 kg,
additional charge is 30 € per package
With this method of dispatch maximum dimensions can't be exceeded.
The EMS express package is suitable for urgent large shipments. Consignments are transported using the fastest possible transport. Requires a contract with us.
Weight up to 31,5 kg
Maximum Length 150 cm Max sum of dimensions = length + perimeter = 300 cm

The total dimension of the three sides (length + width + height) must not exceed 300 cm. The maximum length of one side is 150 cm. Additional charge is 30 € per package. With this method of dispatch maximum weight can't be exceeded.
Time for Delivery from our terminal after custom clearing