Customer stories

Selling most popular export categories price effectively

Having a long history with cross-board sales, NordMaxmarket accumulated in their webshop all the most popular goods categories for cross-board sales. According to statistics of Akit (Association of E-Commerce Companies in Russia) 33.2% of all export goods from abroad to Russia comes to clothes and shoes, plus 9% - computer appliances, plus 8,1% - food, the same number of healthy products and the rest of children's goods. However, the main focus of Nordmaxmarket is on sports goods, such as ice hockey equipment and sports vitamins. 

The company's key competitive proposition is quite clear. By buying from Finland directly you get more affordable prices. You have no need to pay VAT or extra payments within 200 euro good’s price. The total price of the product with delivery costs from RusPostExpress is even cheaper compared to local demand.  

Partner work for cost reduction comes to the opportunity to combine different parcels into complex shipments with no extra cost and offer end customers very competitive delivery prices.