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When cash on delivery model resulted in 70% growth of sales

Freddy - Italian brand of sport and activewear founded in 1976. The success story of the brand on the Finnish market started in 2014 and now has multiple shops all over Europe and also in Russia. A year ago the Finnish webshop started direct sales from Lahti with a free delivery service for Russian customers.

RusPostExpress launched with Freddy the pilot project with cash on delivery service. Technically the customer in Russia has an opportunity to order without prepaying, because an invoice is issued only by delivery. Many customers in Russia highly appreciated the new service and an opportunity to pay in rubles. First year of the project was challenging, but after the testing stage the process became smooth. RusPostExpress is ready to offer the service for any internet shops. “Cash on delivery” method allows companies to grow their sales up to 70%.

New opportunities in

  • flexibility in payments: cash on delivery service with opportunity to pay in rubles without prepaying
  • short delivery times to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (key regions for Russian e-commerce) are only 1-3 days from Finnish terminal