Customer stories

How start earn on customer’s post-corona habits in e-commerce

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the growth of the e-commerce market of electronics and home appliances during 2020. Throughout the year, lockdown restrictions and the spread of coronavirus demanded people stay at home and switch to remote work. Consumer transactions partly shifted from HoReCa and travel industry towards everyday necessities such as groceries, electronics and household products. According to the RBK Research, in 2020, sales of household appliances in Russia grew by 51.7% compared to 2019. The share of online purchases among them increased to 42.7%. One of our customers – Multitronic, experienced a similar trend in cross-border sales as well.

Multitronic is a Finnish consumer electronics reseller established in 1995 with the HQ in Vaasa. Currently, the company operates six retail stores in Finland together with its e-commerce Their Lappeenranta store next to the Russian border attracts many tourists from Saint Petersburg and Karelia. In 2020, Multitronic decided to integrate RusPostExpress logistic solutions to start deliveries to Russia. Despite the closed borders for tourists, Multitronic was able to deliver goods to their customers in Russia. 

Strong cooperation

Multitronic was among the first customers who fully integrated RusPostExpress logistics solutions. Our integration allowed Multitronic to send and track consumer orders to Russia at very affordable rates. Logistics software made it easy to get information for customs clearance, issue shipping labels and calculate the shipping cost. Now the whole process is automated and simple to use.

Key capabilities Multitronic reached with RusPostExpress

  • Fast and simple delivery process for complex shipments
  • Ease of control over the delivery process
  • Access to shipments and order information archive in the B2B account dashboard