Customer stories

How to gain from Corona in touristic retail with RusPostExpress?

Finnish hypermarket Laplandia completely changed their strategy of sales and started to cooperate with RusPostExpress in 2020. Before corona times the market was focused on tourists selling a wide range of grocery products, healthy food, products for children, household chemicals, cloths, travel bags and many other items.

During 2020 the flow has stopped. Like any other businesses Laplandia started to suffer from closed borders, but found a successful solution on how to reach customers in cooperation with RusPostExpress. Laplandia is an excellent example for the saying: If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it! Finnish hypermarket digitized business and started selling directly to customers in Russia.

Integration between Laplandia and RusPostExpress

Lapland and RusPostExpress started to work together in 2020. Laplandia built a direct integration from its online store into RusPostExpress’s transport management system, ensuring a cost-effective and effortless shipping process. The implementation of the integration proceeded at a rapid pace and with the strong commitment of both parties, the transmission process was created quickly.

With a rapid update of its sales strategy, Lapland has been able to continue selling to its former customers near the Finnish-Russian border, but has also been able to expand its customer base to the entire Russian territory. Currently, Lapland already sends 300 e-commerce orders weekly directly to Russian consumers. RusPostExpress's warehous terminal is located in Virolahti, close to the Vaalimaa border crossing point, and through it Lapland parcels delivered all over Russia.

How Laplandia benefited from integration with RusPostExpress

  • the sales area expanded to the whole of Russia
  • created database of loyal customers instead of temporary flow of tourists
  • ability to offer VAT-free prices outside the EU