Customer stories

High-tech for health from Finland are in high demand in Russia

QuietOn Oy is an Oulu-based technological company founded in February 2015 that develops and sells earbuds for sleeping, a very unusual and interesting product. The company has already sold more than 70 000 earbuds in 125 countries.

QuietOn product is very popular among regular travelers and people interested in health and comfort sleep. The company has won awards at several international sleep product and travel trade fairs. The company's latest product, QuietOn 3, is the smallest of its kind in the world earbuds for sleeping.

Interesting is that QuietOn is often ordered not only in major cities of Russia but all over it. Russia is, therefore, a growing market for the company. 

The cooperation with RusPostExpress started almost 2 years ago. QuietOn uses RusPostExpress' 3PL service, delivers to Russia, and is very pleased with immediate delivery without any delay from the Finnish side.