Customer stories

How Jesper Junior developed direct sales in Russia

Jasper Junior is a well-known Finnish brand, which started their operation in the year 1981 and Jonathan, Keiki, Nalle and Motion brandwear for children.  Not a secret that Finnish children’s clothes are highly regarded in Russia for its high quality and resistance. Long ago Russian parents discovered Finnish brands of winter and seasonal wear for children. Countries have the same harsh weather conditions and customer needs. 

Even before the company opened its internet-shop, Russian customers during usual trips often visited the offline shop of Jasper Junior. Some of them made purchases for reselling goods.

Jesper Junior has been investing in online business since 2012 and deliveries to Russia have been handled through RusPostExpress since 2019. By doing so, Jesper Junior got an opportunity

  • to offer its products directly to consumers without possible intermediaries or traveling to Finland
  • have access to comprehensive loyalty lists of Russian customers and reach thousands of Russian consumers every month 
  • to orginize a smooth and affordable delivery process