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We ship any parcel or package all over Russia

Doors are open to a huge online shopping market
Shipping to Russia couldn't be easier

RusPostExpress is a collaboration of Wcargo and Russian Post. Wcargo has been operating in the freight transport sector of Russian trade since 2003. Now we have customized with Russian Post a cost-effective, hassle-free and fast delivery for your shipment. Our service is specifically designed for the needs of e-commerce, but can also be ideally used by corporate and private customers sending occasional packages.

We are the official representative of Russian Post in Finland, the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. Through the cooperation agreement, we have at our disposal an extensive and experienced organization, the Russian Post. Regular meetings and direct contacts allow us to deliver our customers' wishes directly to the Russian Post. If necessary, we can even call the truck or a lawyer directly, for example, regarding licensing issues. So, you can say, we have a "hot line" to Russia.

We invest in modern technology and seamless processes. However, it is also important for us that our customers feel that we know and care about their needs. We want to be a partner that makes the impossible, possible and offers a unique service experience to both the sender and the recipient.

Our mission is to open your doors to Russia. Contact us and let's talk more!

Olga Wegelius
wCargo CEO
Hi! I am Olga Wegelius freight company Wcargo Ltd's founder, principal owner and CEO since 2003. RuspostExpress is our new brand that makes it easier and more cost-effective to ship your package to Russia. It's also an excellent opportunity, especially for online shops, to expand into Russia's extensive and huge consumer market.

Sending packages to Russia is not as difficult as many fear. We will be happy to assist you during the various stages of the process, from customs clearance to clarifying various questions specific to the Russian market. Our customer service will answer questions in Finnish, English and Russian. Lue lisää Read more about our services to simplify your operations.

We are a member of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce. We are also currently participating in the four-year Experience Commerce Finland program organized by Business Finland. With which we want to play our part in helping Finnish and Nordic companies access the Russian market.

Russia's e-commerce market is lagging behind the rest of the world so far, but it is predicted to catch up with the rest of the world in huge leaps. Currently only 35% of Russian consumers shop online, but this figure is expected to reach 60% in the EU by 2023-2024, making it the largest market in Europe. So we have billions of euros worth of potential in our neighborhood. We provide logistics services to reach every Russian consumer, whether in Vyborg or Vladivostok.

Best regards,
Olga Wegelius
CEO, Wcargo Oy

Why would you choose us?
We are the official representative of Russian Post
We represent Russian Post in Finland, the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries. We can deliver your parcel from any country to any address in Russia.
The cost of transportation to and from Russia is always the same
The price is based on the actual weight of the package and the shipping method. We do not use volumetric weight in our pricing.
You have an electronic transportation ordering system
Customized MyELS allows you to place your order quickly and easily.
Reduce your shipping costs
Online stores can combine their shipments with our multi-package service
You do not pay extra costs to the extra middlemen
We are a direct partner of Russian Post and many transport operators
Get access to all 3PL solutions
Our terminal of over 1400 square meters is located in Virolahti, 12 kilometers from the Vaalimaa-Torfyakanovka border
About us in numbers
Up to 1 000 000
packages delivered per year
Over 70 000
customers worldwide every year
Over 16
years of experience in international logistics
How does our service work?
For private customers
Corporate Customer Process
Choose the shipping method for your package, give its weight, and get the shipping price
Fill in the details of the consignee and about the package for customs clearance
Print the address label and paste it onto your package
Deliver the package to our terminal by any means
Track the progress of your package and manage all your shipments in one system
Individual process
An individual can also register as a customer. In this case, the process is similar to that of companies.

If you are only sending individual parcels, you can place an order directly through the Send and Pay feature.
1 Step: packing and informing
  • Pack the package according to the instructions
  • Enter the information into the system via our homepage
  • Pay for shipping
2 Step: delivery in Finland
  • You will receive an activation code by email
  • Deliver your package to drop point or order a courier pick-up

3 Step: RusPostTerminal handling
  • We will receive the package and deliver it to the Russian Post
  • The Russian postal tracking code is activated
4 Step: delivery and happy consegnee
Russian Post delivers the package to the customer or to Postal Office according to the chosen tariff
Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions from us are listed below. However, if you do not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us!
How can I find out where my package is?
When the parcel is delivered to Russian Post at our Virolahti terminal, the tracking code is activated in the Russian postal network. Enter the package tracking code on our site to find out where your package or letter is, linkki tästä. As a registered customer, you can track the progress of packages directly from MyELS by clicking on the tracking code line for each shipment. You can also track the parcel delivery through your own shipping company website with the tracking code they provide. If we have done system integration with them, the tracking code will be visible throughout the transportation chain and through the carrier and our pages. Customers who have made an integration with us can also track the shipment directly from their own system.

The international broadcasting / tracking number consists of 13 characters and is capitalized in Latin letters and numbers. The code is entered without spaces or brackets. For example: CA123456789RU

How long will the package be stored in the mail?
International shelf life for small packages is 30 days.

The maximum retention period for the package is 15 days from the date of receipt of the shipment to the place of delivery.

The shelf life of registered mailings may be extended for an additional charge up to two months from the date of receipt. To this end, the consignee (or his authorized representative) must submit a written application together with a copy of his passport.

What does it mean if my shipment status is «Package returned to the sender»
This means that the package has not been picked up on time and has been returned to the recipient.
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