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Due to the general sharp rise in costs, we will update our price list from beginning the first of July. Increased inspections by Finnish Customs have also significantly increased our workload.
Our operations will continue, although the sanctions and the resulting Customs inspections have delayed the delivery time of the packages. We apologize for the long delays on our behalf. We have discussed the situation with Customs and they themselves have admitted that they are congested at various stages of the inspection process and that, as a result, processing times are now unreasonably long.
We are about to open new transport routes to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Belarus. We will send you more information about shipping and price lists soon. In addition, we are opening shipment routes to other parts of the world too. For this reason, we are updating our name to better describe our operations and we are introducing the name wCargoExpress.
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Russian customs duties

Customs-related payments are always the responsibility of the consignee in Russia. Since the year 2020, Russian consumers are able to make duty-free e-commerce purchases if the total value of a single shipment does not exceed 200 euros or the total weight does not exceed 31 kg.

The customs duty for the over 200 euros is 15%. If the consignment weighs more than 31 kg, a customs duty of 2 euros shall be charged for each additional kg. If both conditions are exceeded, the tax is levied on the more expensive actual tax. Cross-border e-commerce is VAT-exempt and above-tax costs are paid by the consignee in Russia. He gets the information about the tax before delivery and must have paid the tax beforehand. Postage is paid separetely.

Commercial shipment
Please note that it is not advisable to carry more than 3-4 pieces of the same product and/or more than 30 items in one package. The customs authorities may interpret the consignment as containing commercial goods and it may become subject to a customs duty.

Reliability of data
Extremely important is that all required fields of customs forms are filled in and that the information is accurate. False invoices or inaccurate information can lead to the seizure of shipment by customs authorities.
Examples for taxation calculation
according to customs regulation in 2021

The shipment weight is 20 kg and the value is 1200 €.
Customs duty for the Russian consumer:
(1200€ – 200) x 15% = 1000 x 15% = 150€.

The shipment weight is 40 kg and the value is 150 €.
Customs duty for the Russian consumer:
(40kg – 31kg) x 2 = 9 x 2 = 18 €.

The shipment weight is 40 kg and the value is 1200 €.
The Russian consumer pays the maximum customs duty:
150 euros.
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